Saturday, 1 July 2017

VIVO FIRST????........

This time VIVO is the FIRST COMPANY to use the LATEST TECHNOLOGY in the market.And it is the QUALCOMM'S "UNDER DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SCANNER". Whole WORLD was expecting an APPLE or SAMSUNG to do it,but it is VIVO who has DONE it.We all know that QUALCOMM made the NEW technology of having FINGERPRINT SCANNERS under the DISPLAY,on the METAL OR GLASS finishing behind and the TOUGHEST one UNDER WATER FINGERPRINT SCANNERS.The last of all the under water scanner was not in anyone's DREAMS may be.Yes the IPHONE8 was rumored that it will have a under display fingerprint scanner but no one expected VIVO to do it.The so called CRITIQUES started saying that it is not what VIVO has done,but it is by QUALCOMM. According to me,when something good happens from the one whom we didn't expect then we have to APPRECIATE the person.And in this case VIVO has changed my opinion.And it is up to the company if it will continue its trust or OVERPRICE their SMARTPHONES as USUAL.


All this happened at the MWC (MWC-MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS) which was held at SHANGHAI. A QUALCOMM incorporated (NASDAQ:QCOM) launched their latest fingerprint scanners which are developed with ULTRASONIC technology.And VIVO has kept the same thing into a PROTOTYPE of their own and ANNOUNCED that they will be the FIRST company to have this latest technology in their SMARTPHONES.They have also announced that they have started the production of the prototype.But there is a chance for APPLE or SAMSUNG to OVERTAKE VIVO that is implementing this new TECHNOLOGY in their upcoming SAMSUNG NOTE 8 OR IPHONE 8.Lets see what happens in september this year,where the SAMSUNG and APPLE are gonna unveil their lastest SMARTPHONES in to the market.May the BEST among them WIN.



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