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JIO is going to launch a new product which turns "YOUR CAR TO SMART CAR".Some people started getting it as a review unit.Its a OBD device (OBD-On Board Diagnostics).OBD started from 1968 onwards according to some sources.Many OBD devices came into market but, they were not too successful.As JIO is entering into this field,I think this field will get that KICK START.We all know about JIO,it is known for its success in MOBILE NETWORKING.But we also know about the GREAT PLANS it offers in that field.All the TECHIES those who got the OBD device as a review unit are hoping for some free offers on the it as well.

The OBD device has a sim card slot as well where you can put a JIO SIM specifically,so that other companies cannot use their product.As of JIOFI one can put a JIO sim in it and create hotspot around them. JIO'S plan of bringing the OBD device into market is that "EVERY MOMENT OF YOUR DAY WILL BE SMART".As of now people are only able to access network through their mobiles, but  now people can access it through CAR as well.The OBD device will track EACH and EVERY information of your car.The information such as MILEAGE of your car,YOUR  DRIVING SKILLS it may be like USAGE OF HAND-BRAKE OR BRAKES.

And the MOST IMPORTANT thing is that it TRACKS YOUR CAR,which means you can track your car when you give it to others to use.You can keep an eye on your LOVED ONE'S SPEED OF CAR,such that if your loved one's crosses some limit you may compel them to DRIVE SAFE.It also give alerts such a s to "FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELT".These all things are done through an APP which will be AVAILABLE for ANDROID and IOS devices after the launch of the product.As of now it is in testing process,which is being tested by real time users.This product is sent to some of the techies,so that they can review the product as well.The rumors of this device started way back in october 2016.


As JIO brought a REVOLUTION in the MOBILE NETWORK field.This might be a NEW REVOLUTION as well. MODI'S GOVERNMENT want to get INDIA SMART and there are brands such as JIO which literally keep things into action.The JIO BROADBAND is also ready for its LAUNCH,we will be covering it in our further posts.

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On-board diagnostics (OBD) is an automotive term referring to a vehicle's self-diagnostic and reporting capability. OBD systems give the vehicle owner or repair technician access to the status of the various vehicle subsystems. The amount of diagnostic information available via OBD has varied widely since its introduction in the early 1980s versions of on-board vehicle computers. Early versions of OBD would simply illuminate a malfunction indicator light or "idiot light" if a problem was detected but would not provide any information as to the nature of the problem. Modern OBD implementations use a standardized digital communications port to provide real-time data in addition to a standardized series of diagnostic trouble codes, or DTCs, which allow one to rapidly identify and remedy malfunctions within the vehicle


Monday, 26 June 2017

Oneplus 5-Review and Unboxing

OnePlus 5 - A beast in the making 


The consumer electronics giant OnePlus has once again proved itself through its new flagship-The OnePlus 5.It is a successor of the company's last flagship-The OnePlus 3T which was released just last year.

Walk through

While the earlier OnePlus 3T featured A Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor which packed a unique 2.31 GHz of heavy processing with 6GB RAM,the new OnePlus 5 is released with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor which can deliver 2.45 GHz of ultimate processing and has 8 GB DDR4LX RAM which is to date,the fastest.

The OnePlus 5 is released in two options 6Gb Ram with 64 Gb Rom (or) 8Gb Ram with 128 Gb Rom
The latter is generally preferred as the price difference is invariably too low.

Unboxing and Review(128GB version)

It was one heck of a package the OnePlus 5 came in.Clean,simple and Powerful.We guys at FaltuCo® have since long been waiting for the package and when it finally arrived on sunday(24/6/17) we were more than just thrilled.I was the one choosen to unbox the package,It came with an official OnePlus Unbox invitee card.

The other guys were obviously brimmed with jealousy and I could see envy beaming out of their faces that I was drawn to be the "unboxer"(lottery basis).That's the way Karma wants it to be :) I'm lucky to be among the very few first unboxers of OnePlus 5 in this world.

That being said,I carefully managed to break open the seal and lifted the upper part of the box very (I mean it,very) slowly.It took me about 5 whole mins to open up the whole thing.We first looked in awe at the craftsmanship and the gleaming metal body.Then I finally put my finger on the power button,few seconds and it turned on,displaying the OnePlus Logo :)

Design 4/5

We got the midnight black color.
Simply Perfect.I can't make a comment on this as words fall short to describe it.

Oxygen OS 4/5

It was love at first sight with the OxygenOS.It was so minimal and effortlessy powerful.Based on the android opensource framework,the guys at OnePlus seemed to have combined the beauty of android with the power of the beast very gracefully and the result was OxygenOS.I especially liked the Gaming DND mode which blocks all Notifications when enabled and also ramps up the processor and GPU to give an Unmatched Experience.

Camera 5/5

The dual camera has gone through a lot of speculation recently.We were particularly excited about this aspect of the new OnePlus 5.We opened up the camera application.Out.25 seconds passed only staring at the awesome clarity.I don't think any other flagship that exists now has such a good camera.It appeared like i was seeing the image directly in front of my eyes.

The camera is a lot more better than the OnePlus 3T.The Sony IMX sensors (rear camera) gave us a pixellage of 16MP and 20MP seperately in ultra HD.The front camera was 16MP and had nothing extravagant about it though.

When the sun set,we took the handset out for a night low light test.We went to an extremely dark place and captured photos which came out to be excellent,the kind you would expect from a professional photographer.And the Pro mode isn't even turned on yet.I switched to the pro mode and found a Large array of settings,a lot of them.

After about a 428 photos taken,we came to a conclusion that the company's statement of  "the best camera on this plant" was far too understated.It was infact the best mobile camera in all of our galaxy(no exaggeration).

Dash Charge 4/5

The charging didnt even go down to 80% even after two long hours.The 3300 mAh surely is badass.
We had to actually switch on flash and put loud music for another 4 hours to drain the battery completely.We did this to check the Dash Charge which as said by the company aims at a full battery in just 30 mins.

Put the male in the female,switched on power.The bar filled extremely fast,even by Apple's iPhone 7 standards,OnePlus 5's dash charge is extremely faster.40 mins was all it took to get 100% from 2% battery.This is really a good pro for all those executives out there who are busy all the time.

Gaming  5/5

Dead Trigger 2,Asphalt 8,Modern Combat 5,Need for speed:Most wanted,PES,all seemed to run very smoothly on this device.No lag at all,anywhere.Thank the 8 GB DDR4LX,I could even play on PES and NFSMW at the same time multitasking very smoothly at max FPS and Res.This is a very good gaming flagship.The phone did seem to heat up a bit after an hour of play.The Gaming DND mode silently tweaks the phone to Hard gaming standards.

Overall Rating

We give the OnePlus 5 an overall rating of 4/5.This is the best rating we've given to any phone this year.We feel this is the best handset released in 2017 yet.It easily beats iPhone 7 on any terms,any day.With OnePlus becoming an elite brand by the day,we highly recommend this purchase if you are going for a high end flagship.

Sunday, 25 June 2017


Weekly Talks #1

"Failure is the STEPPING STONE to Success"

Pushing one's limits is the most important thing one should do in their life.It is so because pushing one's limits one can ACHIEVE SUCCESS.Always remember FAILURE is the MOST COMMON thing in everyone's life.Failure is more powerful than a NUCLEAR WEAPON,because it can lead a man's life to NO WHERE.Failure is the only moment in one's life where THE REAL PEOPLE come out to you and console you.But according to me the one's those who don't come to you are GREATER  than the one's who console,because they think that you are CAPABLE enough to deal with the matter.Yes there are some people out there who feel HAPPY about "YOU BEING SAD",so why should we feel bad.The WORLD is full of FAILURES,yes everyone out there are failures aren't they?Every SUCCESSFUL PERSON is a FAILURE.Success takes its BIRTH in FAILURE remember that.

Yes I am too a failure and I think so are you.Like the "Like minds think Alike",let us console each other,so that we feel better.My point is that we are NOT SUCCESSFUL because of the "FEAR OF SUCCESS".Yes fear of success is the most fearful PHOBIA which most of my type call as "THE SUCCESS PHOBIA".We all LOSE at that point when we think,"WHAT HE/SHE MIGHT THINK IF I AM SUCCESSFUL?"Great people say FEAR OF SUCCESS is more DANGEROUS that FEAR OF FAILURE.

Everyone fails in LIFE but that's not the END,am I right? SUCCESS goes to that person who overcomes his failures,pains,weaknesses,sorrow and what not(etc......)Remember that a person who comes FIRST in a RACE is the person who already came second or failed to run initially.But he PUSHED HIS LIMITS.My question is that how many of know YOUR LIMITS?You might be thinking what are limits?Limits are those FICTITIOUS THING which our BRAIN thinks and doesn't let us to MOVE ON.Let me give an example,can anyone RUN for 2 days continuously?your BRAIN might be thinking A BIG "NO",but it is POSSIBLE to the one WHO is trying out there to make the same as a RECORD.



Pushing one's limits knowing that it will be payed off.So stop fearing SUCCESS and put your mind and soul in the work you do to ACHIEVE SUCCESS.Don't forget that successful people are the one's who failed initially.Get ready to be SUCCESSFUL,POPULAR,GREAT...........
Hope you have liked this and even hoping that we both become successful some day.

Friday, 23 June 2017


ISRO launches the PSLV-C38/CARTOSAT-2 successfully.It launched 31 SATELLITES at a time on 23rd JUNE'17 at 09:29 AM IST from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre SHAR, Sriharikota.While NASA launches WORLD'S LIGHTEST SATELLITE made by an 18 year old student of Chennai on 22nd JUNE'17 weighing 64 GRAMS, ISRO is no less,as it launched the PSLV-C38. We all know that ISRO is that space organisation which already bagged a WORLD RECORD of launching 104 satellites at one go.Lets talk about the PSLV-C38 (PSLV-Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle)it has got 712kg weighing Cartosat-2 which is used for nano level remote sensing program,which will be helpful for the military and defense fields of India.

The Cartosat series has got 7 satellites named as Cartosat-1,Cartosat-2,Cartosat-2A,Cartosat-2B,Cartosat-2C,Cartosat-2D,Cartosat-2E, the Cartosat-2E hass been launched today morning in the pslv-c38.This satellites are also known as Earth observation satellites,it is very helpful for India to build its own mapping system.One of the 30 co-passenger satellites carried by PSLV-C38 was the 15 kg NIUSAT, a University/Academic Institute satellite from Nurul Islam University, Tamil Nadu, India. The remaining 29 co-passenger satellites carried were international customer satellites from USA (10)
United Kingdom (3)
Belgium (3)
Italy (3)
Austria (1)
Chile (1)
Czech Republic (1)
Finland (1)
France (1)
Germany (1)
Japan (1)
Latvia (1)
Lithuania (1)
Slovakia (1).

PSLV-C38 lifted off at 0929 hrs (9:29 am) IST, as planned, from the First Launch Pad.  After a flight of about 16 minutes, the satellites achieved a polar Sun Synchronous Orbit of 505 km inclined at an angle of 97.44 degree to the equator (very close to the intended orbit) and in the succeeding seven and a half minutes, all the 31 satellites successfully separated from the PSLV in a predetermined sequence beginning with Cartosat-2 series satellite, followed by NIUSAT and 29 customer satellites.  The total number of Indian satellites launched by PSLV now stands at 48.


After separation, the two solar arrays of Cartosat-2 series satellite were deployed automatically and ISRO's Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network (ISTRAC) at Bangalore took over the control of the satellite. In the coming days, the satellite will be brought to its final operational configuration following which it will begin to provide various remote sensing services using its panchromatic (black and white) and multispectral (colour) cameras.

With today’s successful launch, the total number of customer satellites from abroad placed in orbit by India’s workhorse launch vehicle PSLV has reached 209. ISRO gives some updates out after the success about their previous satellites and also says that it would launch another COMMUNICATION SATELLITE on 28th JUNE'17.

”Congratulations to ISRO on its 40th successful Polar satellite launch ... You make us proud!” Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted.
Modi's government has been promoting the space programme as a showcase of low-cost technology. 
In 2015, the global space industry was valued at $323 billion, according to Space Foundation report, and India accounted for just 0.6 percent of that business.
Friday's lift-off comes 18 days after India put a three-tonne satellite, its heaviest, into the orbit matching the technical know-how of the United states, Russia, China, Japan and the European Space Agency.
”Our effort of continuing to provide increased earth observation, navigation as well as communication will continue,” ISRO chief A.K. Kiran Kumar said in a speech after the launch. 


Wednesday, 21 June 2017


After MASSIVE 180 RUN WIN of PAKISTAN over INDIA on 18th of JUNE'17,there was something that happened unexpectedly.And that was SHAMI losing his cool over a PAKISTANI FAN who was TAUNTING "BAAP KAUN HAI?".Let me make you clear of this incident,it was FATHER'S DAY on 18th JUNE'17 and the social media started going crazy saying that the BAAP(INDIA) would surely win over BETA(PAKISTAN).While this was the thing going round the social media then happened the unexpected thing of PAKISTAN winning.As PAKISTAN won the fan who were feeling degraded by this BAAP BETA relationship started taunting BAAP KAUN HAI and some other things as well.This happened while the Indian players were getting into their dressing rooms after the match.While all the players were just listening and putting their heads down and walking away,some fan out there started shouting loudly "BAAP KAUN HAI?".Listening to this SHAMI turned back and started walking to the fan , then comes the FORMER INDIA CAPTAIN DHONI he stopped SHAMI going to him.Finally taking the whole situation into his control DHONI take SHAMI to the dressing room.

Yes, the fans should have not done that but it happens to every team who have done bad in the match.But some guy in the social media started saying that it is FATHER'S DAY GIFT for the lovely BETA(PAKISTAN) the next day.The social media is so powerful that it circulates anything that is funny,entertaining,outstanding,marvelous etc....Hope you have liked our this page and hope that you will share it to your near and dear.Wish to see you in my next topic.

Monday, 19 June 2017


As the craziest seller of the 2K16 is back on its way to set new targets to other companies.Yes its ONE PLUS 5 the SUCCESSOR of the ONE PLUS 3T , the top notch smartphone of the previous economical year.You may be asking that where is ONE PLUS 4?According to the company, Chinese assume 4 as UNLUCKY.But I don't think this is the case for XIAOMI because it has its MI4, REDMI 4A,REDMI NOTE 4 and many more I guess, its upto to the company.And the wait ends on TUESDAY of this month ONEPLUS 5 is gonna launch and whole world techies are waiting for it since ages. Where as some others say it as an IPHONE CLONE(copy) and the company says "WAIT AND WATCH", because as it has many more captivating things than an IPHONE according to them soooo....

We have some of the features out here, you may take them as leaks or renders by the way.Here we go,ONE PLUS 5 has a OCTA-CORE SNAPDRAGON 835 chipset, the most powerful and the most efficient in the market.It is going to launch in two variants one with 6 GB RAM and 64 GB INTERNAL MEMORY, the other with "8 GB RAM and 128 GB INTERNAL MEMORY".By far it is the only phone which has a 128 GB in the PRICE RANGE OF 32,999-37,999 INR. The pre booking or probably the registration has been started in China and it is getting great response.We all know that OXYGEN OS is nothing but close to STOCK ANDROID and the one's who are watching may know that ONE PLUS is the next company to roll out updates next to GOOGLE.

It has a great camera as well, it has a DUAL 16 MP,f /1.7 + 20 MP,f/2.6 REAR and 8 MP FRONT FACING CAMERA ,they seem to look great on paper but lets HOPE THE BEST.It has a 5.5 inch AMOLED DISPLAY with a CORNING  GORILLA 5 glass protection.I t had got a 3.5 mm JACK for the headset, yes this cannot be called as an IPHONE clone in this case as IPHONE doesn't have a 3.5 mm jack. It gives a 2160p@30fps VIDEO. It has got all types of SENSORS including the FINGERPRINT SCANNER on the front side.Yes it has NFC SUPPORT.It has USB TYPE- C DASH CHARGER, the ONE PLUS 3T charger was the FASTEST CHARGER of the economical year,lets wait and watch for the best in this area.The smartphone has NO support for the RADIO.Leaks say that it has got a 7mm THICKNESS.It has a DUAL NANO-SIM  and NO EXTERNAL SD CARD SUPPORT.It may be available in GUN-METAL,SOFT-GOLD,MIDNIGHT-BLACK, but renders say it may be even more colors so lets wait.The company is attracting people by displaying out their service.Here is the PRICING......

Friday, 16 June 2017


The new Xbox One X gaming console released on 18th of JUNE'17. Microsoft is back to bang the GAMING LOVERS with its new gaming console. According to me it is a nice reply for the Sony PS4 PRO. But the new Xbox One X will be available for the world from NOVEMBER'17, it is a lot of waiting for the fans but everyone knows it doesn't go in vain. Initially this was named as "Project Scorpio".It may not be a great news for some countries such as INDIA as Microsoft didn't even release the Xbox ONE in INDIA and even if it releases it will take a huge amount to buy it. Experts say that if it launches in INDIA it will be some where around 40K-45K INR.

Everything according to me has been upgraded,it will be a tough time for the SONY PS future version to beat the new Xbox One X. This is the upgrade for the Xbox One S version which was launched earlier. The console looks similar to the old Xbox One S.This is one of the POWERFUL gaming console in the current market.

It easily surpasses the PS4 PRO and others. It has an OCTA-CORE processor clocked at 2.3 Ghz made by AMD, the old manufacturer of the older processor as well. As all know this is not the only thing to look at, because game lovers know what to stare at?Yes they stare at the GRAPHICS the GPU, here the console has got 40 cores which are clocked at 1.172 Ghz and has got 6 TERAFLOP graphics power.This bags a huge 12GB GDDR5 RAM and a massive 1 TB INTERNAL STORAGE with 8 Gb of flash storage in it.The new console has got the most amazing feature the 4K GAMES feature, it has got the 4K support.Yes you will be having FORZA 7 at 4K. The old games are compatible in the new console.

FINALLY when we come to the cost of it , it is priced at 499$. While the older Xbox One S has dropped down from 299$ to 249$ that may be around 28K INR  that is also not that feasible according to me but there are some game lovers in the house who would give away anything for this gaming world.Forgot to say that this has a 326 GBPS  memory bandwidth which would be the most adorable thing in it.Here are the comparisons screenshot from the, visit their site as well.

Hope you'll liked this post and hope to see you in my next post,don't forget to visit this blog frequently.
Thanks to and the official I took some screenshots of it).

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Motorola Moto Z2 Play Launched In India.......

MOTO Z2 Play has been launched in INDIA on 8th of JUNE in GOA. But many of the tech lovers and moto fans didn't get what they expected from MOTO Z2 Play which is the successor MOTO Z Play. It was more like MOTO G5 Plus and was looking like one of its copy with that magnetic pin behind it for MOTO MODS feature. It is a Premier Mid Range smartphone by MOTOROLA. The pricing in INDIA is 28,000 INR, which is sold by FLIPKART and offline stores as well.

It comes with 64GB INTERNAL STORAGE and 4GB RAM, which was not the case in foreign countries as it came there in two variants one with 3GB RAM,32 INTERNAL and 4GB RAM, 64GB INTERNAL. The smartphone looks sleek in design and a bit thin than the MOTO Z Play. It has METALLIC BODY which was not the case with MOTO Z Play as it had a GLASS BODY. It has a 12 MP shooter rear facing camera , with f/1.7 lens and with Dual tone LED Flash. And it has also having LASER AUTO FOCUSING SYSTEM . The front facing camera is a 5MP shooter with f/2.0 lens and with a DUAL TONE LED FLASH not with moonlight flash as of OPPO and VIVO smartphones.

Moto Actions: Can be used to enable gestures (e.g. Chop twice for Flashlight, Pick up to stop ringing) and 'One button nav' (more on it a bit later).

Moto Display: Blue light filter and fade in notifications can be turned on/off under this setting.

Moto Voice: Lets users control the smartphone via voice commands. Voice recognition can be configured here. Also, it has an option to have the Z2 Play announce calls and texts.

Call quality on the Moto Z2 Play was excellent during our test run. The smartphone latches on to 4G/VoLTE networks without any problems and there are hardly any dropped calls. Having said that, this depends on cellular network coverage in different areas.

The Super AMOLED display of the Moto Z2 Play is perfect for media consumption and renders 4K videos/Full HD movies with crisp detail. Audio output via the front-firing mono speaker is solid, too.

Moto Z2 Play comes with a front-mounted fingerprint sensor, which worked extremely well during our time with it. Supporting 360-degree fingerprint recognition, the sensor is both fast and accurate. But, what truly sets it apart is the aforementioned 'One button nav' functionality. When enabled (under Moto Actions sub-setting in the Moto app), it allows the fingerprint sensor to be used as a single replacement for all the three on-screen navigation keys, hiding the latter from the display. Swiping left on the sensor simulates the 'Back' action, while swiping right opens the 'Recent apps' carousel. Similarly, short pressing on the sensor locks/unlocks the phone and long pressing on it summons up Google Assistant.

Moto Z2 Play's rear camera can capture 4K resolution videos at 30fps and Full HD videos at 30/60fps. The videos look largely fine, nonetheless, the lack of optical image stabilization (OIS) is baffling.

The camera app on the Z2 Play is straightforward. Apart from the usual Photo and Video modes, it includes the ability to shoot panoramic photos and slow motion videos. There's even a full-blown manual mode that lets you adjust everything from ISO values to white balance per your needs.

Lastly, a word about battery life. Moto Z2 Play has a 3,000mAh cell, which is a downgrade from the 3,510mAh battery of its predecessor. But, despite the reduced capacity, the Z2 Play's battery managed to last us a full workday on a single charge. Our usage involved about an hour each of voice calls, web browsing, music streaming and gaming, all while keeping the phone connected to a 4G/Wi-Fi network. Among other things, the solid battery life can be attributed to the Snapdragon 626 chipset, which is as energy-efficient (if not more) as its predecessor.

There's support for fast-charging as well, and a fully-drained battery can be charged to about 50% of its capacity in around 45-50 minutes.

Moto Mods:

Even though the Moto Z2 Play can work perfectly as a standalone device, its companion Moto Mods are a core part of the overall modular ecosystem that the smartphone powers. Motorola launched a new range of Moto Mods alongside the Z2 Play, and here are our thoughts about them.

JBL SoundBoost 2:

The chunkiest of all the new Moto Mods, SoundBoost 2 is the sequel to the original SoundBoost that JBL launched last year with the Moto Z Play. JBL SoundBoost 2 comes with twin 27mm speakers that churn out stereo sound output. This little thing certainly left us impressed. Despite having a lower sound wattage (RMS) than other wireless speakers, the SoundBoost 2 emits sound that's loud enough to fill a small room. Overall, audio output is clear and well-balanced, with no distortion even at max volume levels.

When snapped onto the Moto Z2 Play, the speaker can be used to handle voice calls in hands-free mode, a feature we found to be incredibly handy. The built-in kickstand makes propping up the speaker (and hence, the Z2 Play) on any surface a cakewalk. JBL claims that the 1,000mAh battery of the SoundBoost 2 is good enough for up to 10 hours of continuous music playback, but over the course of our test run, we managed to get around 7-8 hours of usage on a single charge. That's still very good!

TurboPower pack

As its name suggests, the TurboPower pack is essentially a 3,490mAh battery to complement the Moto Z2 Play's 3,000mAh cell. Having a sleek profile, this Moto Mod is indispensable for anyone who wishes to have their smartphone last longer on a single charge. It has a USB Type-C port of its own and supports fast charging.

When snapped onto the Moto Z2 Play, the TurboPower pack can be used to boost the smartphone's battery with the touch of a button on its back. Next to the button, the mod has four LEDs to indicate the charge levels. The soft-rubberized finish of the TurboPower pack not only feels great, but also enhances the in-hand grip of the smartphone when snapped onto it.

Moto Style shell with Wireless charging:

Available in multiple designs/finishes (e.g. Ebony Burl, Wood), the newest Moto Style shells not only add to the already classy design of the Moto Z2 Play, but also grant it wireless charging capability. Once snapped on, the style shells can charge the Z2 Play's battery using any wireless charger (compatible with Qi or PMA charging standards)

About Motorola:
Motorola Mobility was established in 2011 following the split of Motorola into two companies, with Motorola Solutions catering to the enterprise segment. Acquired soon after by Google, Motorola Mobility was sold to Lenovo in 2014. Motorola made its first Android smartphone in 2009, and its first Android tablet in 2011.

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Team INDIA won the toss and CHOSE TO FIELD FIRST.Will it be the CAPTAIN FEARLESS(VIRAT KOHLI) or CAPTAIN 360(AB DE VILLIERS), who will win?Both of them already part of the same IPL team ROYAL CHALLENGERS BANGALORE, they know their weak and strong points. Eventhough SOUTH AFRICA   a great team it lost to the PAKISTAN  which was already beaten by team INDIA on 4th of JUNE.As ASHWIN was brought in for this match, hoping that SOUTHAFRICA doesn't play spinners well,is it a good decision? according to me not because a player who was not in the team for many games he may not give the best.Well time only decides.While WAYNE PARNELL was taken out of the the team for this match, even this was not the best decision by MR.360.For me experience means a lot, as already said everything maybe proven wrong by these great teams and the time.Hope the best team wins......And follow the live coverage in Star sports....