Monday, 26 June 2017

Oneplus 5-Review and Unboxing

OnePlus 5 - A beast in the making 


The consumer electronics giant OnePlus has once again proved itself through its new flagship-The OnePlus 5.It is a successor of the company's last flagship-The OnePlus 3T which was released just last year.

Walk through

While the earlier OnePlus 3T featured A Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor which packed a unique 2.31 GHz of heavy processing with 6GB RAM,the new OnePlus 5 is released with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor which can deliver 2.45 GHz of ultimate processing and has 8 GB DDR4LX RAM which is to date,the fastest.

The OnePlus 5 is released in two options 6Gb Ram with 64 Gb Rom (or) 8Gb Ram with 128 Gb Rom
The latter is generally preferred as the price difference is invariably too low.

Unboxing and Review(128GB version)

It was one heck of a package the OnePlus 5 came in.Clean,simple and Powerful.We guys at FaltuCo® have since long been waiting for the package and when it finally arrived on sunday(24/6/17) we were more than just thrilled.I was the one choosen to unbox the package,It came with an official OnePlus Unbox invitee card.

The other guys were obviously brimmed with jealousy and I could see envy beaming out of their faces that I was drawn to be the "unboxer"(lottery basis).That's the way Karma wants it to be :) I'm lucky to be among the very few first unboxers of OnePlus 5 in this world.

That being said,I carefully managed to break open the seal and lifted the upper part of the box very (I mean it,very) slowly.It took me about 5 whole mins to open up the whole thing.We first looked in awe at the craftsmanship and the gleaming metal body.Then I finally put my finger on the power button,few seconds and it turned on,displaying the OnePlus Logo :)

Design 4/5

We got the midnight black color.
Simply Perfect.I can't make a comment on this as words fall short to describe it.

Oxygen OS 4/5

It was love at first sight with the OxygenOS.It was so minimal and effortlessy powerful.Based on the android opensource framework,the guys at OnePlus seemed to have combined the beauty of android with the power of the beast very gracefully and the result was OxygenOS.I especially liked the Gaming DND mode which blocks all Notifications when enabled and also ramps up the processor and GPU to give an Unmatched Experience.

Camera 5/5

The dual camera has gone through a lot of speculation recently.We were particularly excited about this aspect of the new OnePlus 5.We opened up the camera application.Out.25 seconds passed only staring at the awesome clarity.I don't think any other flagship that exists now has such a good camera.It appeared like i was seeing the image directly in front of my eyes.

The camera is a lot more better than the OnePlus 3T.The Sony IMX sensors (rear camera) gave us a pixellage of 16MP and 20MP seperately in ultra HD.The front camera was 16MP and had nothing extravagant about it though.

When the sun set,we took the handset out for a night low light test.We went to an extremely dark place and captured photos which came out to be excellent,the kind you would expect from a professional photographer.And the Pro mode isn't even turned on yet.I switched to the pro mode and found a Large array of settings,a lot of them.

After about a 428 photos taken,we came to a conclusion that the company's statement of  "the best camera on this plant" was far too understated.It was infact the best mobile camera in all of our galaxy(no exaggeration).

Dash Charge 4/5

The charging didnt even go down to 80% even after two long hours.The 3300 mAh surely is badass.
We had to actually switch on flash and put loud music for another 4 hours to drain the battery completely.We did this to check the Dash Charge which as said by the company aims at a full battery in just 30 mins.

Put the male in the female,switched on power.The bar filled extremely fast,even by Apple's iPhone 7 standards,OnePlus 5's dash charge is extremely faster.40 mins was all it took to get 100% from 2% battery.This is really a good pro for all those executives out there who are busy all the time.

Gaming  5/5

Dead Trigger 2,Asphalt 8,Modern Combat 5,Need for speed:Most wanted,PES,all seemed to run very smoothly on this device.No lag at all,anywhere.Thank the 8 GB DDR4LX,I could even play on PES and NFSMW at the same time multitasking very smoothly at max FPS and Res.This is a very good gaming flagship.The phone did seem to heat up a bit after an hour of play.The Gaming DND mode silently tweaks the phone to Hard gaming standards.

Overall Rating

We give the OnePlus 5 an overall rating of 4/5.This is the best rating we've given to any phone this year.We feel this is the best handset released in 2017 yet.It easily beats iPhone 7 on any terms,any day.With OnePlus becoming an elite brand by the day,we highly recommend this purchase if you are going for a high end flagship.

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