Wednesday, 21 June 2017


After MASSIVE 180 RUN WIN of PAKISTAN over INDIA on 18th of JUNE'17,there was something that happened unexpectedly.And that was SHAMI losing his cool over a PAKISTANI FAN who was TAUNTING "BAAP KAUN HAI?".Let me make you clear of this incident,it was FATHER'S DAY on 18th JUNE'17 and the social media started going crazy saying that the BAAP(INDIA) would surely win over BETA(PAKISTAN).While this was the thing going round the social media then happened the unexpected thing of PAKISTAN winning.As PAKISTAN won the fan who were feeling degraded by this BAAP BETA relationship started taunting BAAP KAUN HAI and some other things as well.This happened while the Indian players were getting into their dressing rooms after the match.While all the players were just listening and putting their heads down and walking away,some fan out there started shouting loudly "BAAP KAUN HAI?".Listening to this SHAMI turned back and started walking to the fan , then comes the FORMER INDIA CAPTAIN DHONI he stopped SHAMI going to him.Finally taking the whole situation into his control DHONI take SHAMI to the dressing room.

Yes, the fans should have not done that but it happens to every team who have done bad in the match.But some guy in the social media started saying that it is FATHER'S DAY GIFT for the lovely BETA(PAKISTAN) the next day.The social media is so powerful that it circulates anything that is funny,entertaining,outstanding,marvelous etc....Hope you have liked our this page and hope that you will share it to your near and dear.Wish to see you in my next topic.


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