Friday, 16 June 2017


The new Xbox One X gaming console released on 18th of JUNE'17. Microsoft is back to bang the GAMING LOVERS with its new gaming console. According to me it is a nice reply for the Sony PS4 PRO. But the new Xbox One X will be available for the world from NOVEMBER'17, it is a lot of waiting for the fans but everyone knows it doesn't go in vain. Initially this was named as "Project Scorpio".It may not be a great news for some countries such as INDIA as Microsoft didn't even release the Xbox ONE in INDIA and even if it releases it will take a huge amount to buy it. Experts say that if it launches in INDIA it will be some where around 40K-45K INR.

Everything according to me has been upgraded,it will be a tough time for the SONY PS future version to beat the new Xbox One X. This is the upgrade for the Xbox One S version which was launched earlier. The console looks similar to the old Xbox One S.This is one of the POWERFUL gaming console in the current market.

It easily surpasses the PS4 PRO and others. It has an OCTA-CORE processor clocked at 2.3 Ghz made by AMD, the old manufacturer of the older processor as well. As all know this is not the only thing to look at, because game lovers know what to stare at?Yes they stare at the GRAPHICS the GPU, here the console has got 40 cores which are clocked at 1.172 Ghz and has got 6 TERAFLOP graphics power.This bags a huge 12GB GDDR5 RAM and a massive 1 TB INTERNAL STORAGE with 8 Gb of flash storage in it.The new console has got the most amazing feature the 4K GAMES feature, it has got the 4K support.Yes you will be having FORZA 7 at 4K. The old games are compatible in the new console.

FINALLY when we come to the cost of it , it is priced at 499$. While the older Xbox One S has dropped down from 299$ to 249$ that may be around 28K INR  that is also not that feasible according to me but there are some game lovers in the house who would give away anything for this gaming world.Forgot to say that this has a 326 GBPS  memory bandwidth which would be the most adorable thing in it.Here are the comparisons screenshot from the, visit their site as well.

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Thanks to and the official I took some screenshots of it).

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